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The Technology

Nano Environmental Technology

Dena Nano Ltd works from its drive to pay back the environment and uses the phrase “Green from Green” to describe the ability to put our technology into action to aid with reducing harmful emissions.

Dena has a number of processes to deal with different forms of waste and convert it into useful products, energy or recyclable materials, these environmental areas are:-

  • Tyre Recycling
  • Energy conversion
  • Bio mass
  • Bio fuel
  • Clean / Neutralization
  • Land
  • Water Treatment/Desalination
  • Recycling to convert to useful materials all types of electronic appliances
  • Household appliances
  • Assisting in solar energy
  • Toxic Waste

Waste to Energy

Dena’s unique advanced process intensification can be used to convert all types of waste into useful energy including electricity.

There can’t be many people who haven’t heard the words “Global Warming” and that CO2 emissions into the atmosphere from around the world are one of the major causes. We are all now well aware of “free” energy products and initiatives such as wind farms, wave generators, solar cells etc. most of which require a capital outlay and then produce energy at almost no cost. This method of sustainable energy is obviously good for the planet however another method of electrical generation is proposed that will solve an ever growing problem of waste i.e. landfill. The added bonus of Dena’s system is the variety of “bio-mass” or “organic materials” we can incorporate into the intake and convert to fuel, many of which are classified as waste products and incur costs for disposal i.e. food (swill), woodland and forestry management, human & animal waste etc.

The converting of energy held within “bio-mass” or organic materials into a fuel suitable to operate turbines will create a “sustainable” electrical generating station, sustainable in that as more people need more power they produce more waste needed to generate that power.

Desalination / Water Purification

The Water purification is designed to extract salts and unwanted impurities from water to be recycled for domestic or industrial use.

There are units with various capacities from 500 to 10,000 liters per hour per unit. Larger capacities require a number of these units in parallel. All units collect all solids and impurities for disposal.

Key Benefits

  • Pure water from brine
  • Purify a high % of salt water up to 50% of salts
  • Purification & recycling of industrial water
  • Obtaining purified water for domestic use
  • Removal of salts and other chemicals
  • Removal of viruses, bacteria and parasites.


Dena is capable of being used for processing in the petrochemical industries and assisting in the extraction of the impurities from the crude oil, such as water, debris and gases directly from the well, i.e. during the extraction. It is also used extensively in fractionations and processing for the petrochemical industry as a whole for:-

  • Additives
  • Light Fuel – processing and extraction
  • Crude Oils / Fuel – mixing & blending
  • High Viscosity Products (e.g. Grease, Bitumen and Asphalt)
  • Sulphur Extraction from Oil
  • Crude Oil Transportation (by Viscosity Reduction)
  • Water Removal from Crude Oil
  • Natural Gas Additives

Key Benefits

  • Single equipment processing
  • Increased Safety
  • Closed system
  • Consistent quantity
  • Zone 1 machine (flameproof)
  • High & low viscosity mixing
  • Contamination free
  • Finished to desire temperature
  • Temp, pressure, quantity control
  • PLC controlled system

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