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Affordable Housing Project

What is Affordable Housing ?

The project is developed by Dena Group to provide the World with a housing solution that is green, affordable and innovative. According to the World Bank, more than 3 billion people live on less than £ 2 per day. Most of these people cannot afford to buy or build their house as it is out of their budget.

Our affordable housing price starts at only £ 3000, which is way less compared to any kind of house on sale. Our goal was to develop a house that was easy and quick to assemble, could survive in all kinds of weather, easy to transport from one place to another and of course make it affordable.

The house is made from a recycling material that looks like wood but has properties far superior that wood. The material is a combination of rubber and thermal plastics bonded together with Dena Nano particles. For building a house we need around 4-5 different kinds of (shape of) products. Like doors, roofing, flooring, post and board. All this products can be made from the same raw material, however to make them we need 4-5 different types of machines. Each machine is designed to produce 1 individual product.

All the products can be sold separately in the market or combined together to build house, which then can be sold for greater profit margin.

Recently Dena Group has signed a MOU with one of the African country government with respect to buying of affordable housing. They want to purchase around 125,000 houses for their country.  Currently they are building 2 bedroom house, which costs around $20,000 USD.

Dena has designed 2 bedroom house that is easy to assemble, afford and is durable.

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